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     NIKOM 65 is a manufacturer of mechanical seals and unique spare parts. We offer a wide range of mechanical seals, as well as design and production of custom made once. Our activity is based on multiannual responsible experience and high qualifications of our specialists.


     Our product range also includes all sizes of O-rings, rubber bellows and metal expansion joints, thermodynamic and thermostatic steam traps, etc.. We are able to produce a variety of conventional and unique spare parts in mechanical engineering area per customer specifications.


     We provide planned, basic and emergency repairs of reciprocating, screw and centrifugal compressors and all types of pumps. We provide repair and restorative plating of machine elements with hard alloys and powders.


     We also have unique for Bulgaria portable equipment for electro plating by the most advanced technology, to quickly rebuild worn areas or defects on flat, cylindrical, or complex shaped metal parts (incl. details from cast iron, aluminum, copper alloys, etc. ). The poratability of the equipment allows this type of repairs of large and heavy parts to be performed at the client’s site, without having to dismantle the damaged part.

     The method is suitable for repair and restoration work of hydraulic rods and other hard-chrome  plated parts, printing cylinders (with smooth surface), bearing journals and others.

     In certain cases, the method is also suitable for internal surfaces.



     Significant volume represents and manufacturing of spare parts for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and mining (for pumps, compressors, reducers, elevators and grain transporters, rotating devices, mixers, reactors, heat exchangers, etc. ). We use all types of steel - carbon, stainless, duplex and heatproof. We can produce both conventional spare parts as such requiring the application of engineering calculations and high technology.


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