Nikom 65 EOOD has signed contracts and is the official representative of the following companies in Bulgaria.


Van Halteren Special Products – the company is located in the Netherlands and provides technical services and develops and builds high-tech components and solutions for the army and Navy.


Vulcan Seals – the company is located in the United Kingdom and is engaged in the production of mechanical seals, encapsulated O-rings, special sealing systems and gaskets.


GUANGHAN HONGDA CARBIDE SOLUTION CO.,LTD – the company is located in China and are a leading manufacturer of tungsten carbide and titanium carbide products, standard and custom. The carbide material offers exceptional wear resistance and longer life, used mainly in parts for mechanical seals, pumps and valves.


Nikom 65 Ltd. has a trade agreement with Stork Turbo Blading B.V., the Netherlands, producing turbine blades, for market development in Bulgaria.