We have the pleasure to present our selves like the company with clearly defined producer’s profile.

    Our activity is based on the long term experience of our staff and represents a wide range of unique and special spare parts. Their production is accomplished both by our own equipment and by the advanced resources of all Bulgarian industry. Our company is in close relations with a lot of institutes, R&D companies with which we develop the new products, designs of seals and apply the newest supper hard materials surface and temperature treatment, new technology.


Main directions in our production activity are as follow:

1. Mechanical face seals for pumps and compressors – we are leading and only one company having on disposal powerful software for calculating of new products.

2. Production of spare parts for many industries such as power stations, paper mills, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer plants, refinery & process, sugar & food, oil & gas factories, bus & car industries, and construction areas etc./ for pumps, compressors, elevators, mixers, reactors, heaters, coolers /. We use all kind of steels – stainless steels, carbon steel, alloy steel etc. We execute both of orders for producing ordinary spare  parts and of producing of unique spare parts needed the high technology and engineer skills.

3. Sealing profile articles from different elastomers / NBR, Viton, Silicone, EPDM, PTFE, neoprene etc./ - O rings, gland packing, rotary shaft seals, U rings, cords etc.- wide range of sizes and types.

4. Spare parts – sleeves, bushes, packing from carbon – on our disposal are more than 15 grades of graphite.

5. Compensators from metal  and rubber – sizes, configuration, working condition according customers requirements or ore own design.

6. Bellows from metal and articles with metal bellows

7. Thermostatic and thermodynamic steam traps – Dn10 – Dn50


8. Repairs of pumps – centrifugal, pistons, vacuums, gears, hermetic, for dense fluids etc.

9. Repairs of screw compressors /including production of new screw pairs/.

10. Manufacturing and repairing of valves for compressors all types.

11. Cardan joint, couplings.

12. Piston rings for air compressors from iron , PTFE and other materials.

13. Piston and cylinder seals from PTFE, aluminum, special carbon steel.


The main direction of NIKOM65’s activity is manufacture of mechanical seals which are high performance seal special devices for rotating faces applied in almost everywhere of sealing needs. We can supply  wide range of mechanical seals, convenient for extreme temperature ,pressure and speed terms, maintaining their quality in very hard conditions and working in all kind media – clean water, dirty water, abrasive chemical aggressive, corrosive, acid or alkaline, containing hard part, toxic or explosive  fluids and media.


The production range includes `products shown in our catalogue as well accomplish individual, unique and special orders. We use contemporary materials for stationary and rotary rings with convenient face treatment of stainless materials, TC / tungsten carbide /, SiC / silicone carbide /, more than 15 kinds of carbon / graphite /.

The modern software is used for designing and calculation of mechanical seals. The company uses his own sector for experiments and tests of new products in real conditions of his new designs.


Our company is supplier with a.m. materials and articles to main and biggest plant and factories of Bulgarian industry and works for hundred customers in the domestic market. We export a part of our production in international market.


NIKOM 65 operates in consortium with many others companies what allows using of considerable machinery and facilities. It gives flexibility concerning work-loading and on time response of clients demands and terms.



NIKOM 65 is successor of established in 1992 company Nikom Ltd and cancelled from the holders because of advisability at the beginning of 2000.


1. Registration on 28.08.2000 with act № 956 of Regional Court of Varna.

2. Entered in the Register of Trade companies section 2, register 1, volume 194, page 6, BULSTAT № 1033131352 

3. The company's own trade mark NIKOM 65 Ltd is pending registration.

4. The company is certified according DIN, EN, ISO 9001:2000 standards by Germanisher Lloyd which covering :

- Design, calculation and manufacturing of mechanical seals.

- Production of spare parts.

- Repairing of pumps and compressors.

5. Manager and owner – Dipl. Eng. Mr. Nikola Ivanov Paskov – huge experience in management and engineering, 23 working years for Devnja Chemical plants, shown his worth in resolving complicate engineering problems he published work of science in specialized magazines.

6. The company disposes with own manufacturing facilities.


Our philosophy is:


Customers care – client’s satisfaction is our supreme award.

Pro activity – we do the necessary that the things happen.

Working in team – we expand our experience to each of us.

Flexibility – we are looking continuously for improving our work.

Ambition - our aim is to be always leader in the field of the sealing means through mechanical seals.

Communications – the direct contact could not be removed even by modern communications, knowing each other and personal presentation of production.


We could be your reliable and needful partner!