Cartridge type mechanical seals are independent units, consisting of a shaft sleeve, mechanical seal and flange. It is mounted on the pump shaft in the assembled state, and further assembly is not necessary. Thus it is ensured that the different parts won’t be assembled wrong, the springs are correctly loaded and friction surfaces are not contaminated .

     Produced single or double, the flange is often provided with various holes for washing, cooling and drainage. Can overcome some of the limitations of standard pumps. Tangential opening for supplying a liquid in the chamber causes less disturbance of the operation of the seal than the radial holes, which are often encountered in most pumps. Moreover, the tangential feed of liquid cannot cause turbulence in the liquid feeding area. For a packing that is not so important, but for the mechanical seal can cause adverse conditions.
     The compactness of this type of seals makes them appropriate to transition from gland packing to mechanical seal . Below you can see several types Cartridge seals manufactured by us for different customers.